Why spend hours cleaning your vehicles and equipment when you can rinse away mud, road debris, salt, bugs, grime and dust all while protecting against corrosion?

Protecshine creates a thin, clear protective barrier on the surface of your vehicles and equipment. This is not a wax or harsh chemical, but a water-based barrier that will not create buildup over time. The continual use of Protecshine between cleanings reactivates itself to create continual protection and reduce potential corrosion caused by environmental exposure.

Reduce the need to use harsh soaps/detergents and scrubbing to remove buildup and debris; safely clean and effectively protect your vehicle, watercraft and power toys in less time for less money.

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Easy to use

  • Packaged ready to use, no mixing required!
  • Protecshine dries clear and is polished to a shine with little effort and great protection.


  • Small enough to carry Protecshine and a microfiber cloth with everywhere you go!


  • Use it on wood, metal, plastic, foam, rubber, glass, motors and electrical wiring.


  • Water-based and certified biodegradable.
  • Does NOT contain any silicones, solvents or phosphates.
  • Comes in concentrate to refill your spray bottles.


  • Protects against bugs, bird droppings and corrosion.
  • Will not rinse off in rain, sleet, snow or ice.*
  • Protects between cleanings by creating a protective barrier each time it is applied without any waxy buildup.


Vehicles • Racing vehicles • Motorcycles • Power Toys • Watercraft • Buses • Trains • Trailers / Motorhomes • Plow Blades/Salt Spreaders • Undercarriage/Chassis • Tires/Rims • Fueling Inlets/Exhaust Ports