Soluble salts are everywhere – plain water, power washing or polishing surfaces alone cannot remove salts, exposing the surface to the potential threat of corrosion without any visual warning.

Protecshine Soluble Salt Remover is a unique, environmentally-friendly liquid that penetrates the micro pores of the surface to remove embedded dirt, debris, soluble salts and other contaminates.  This eco-friendly product helps to eliminate potential corrosion and effectively extends the life of your paint and/or protective coating.

Easy to use

  • Packaged ready to use, no mixing required!
  • Does not require special equipment or tools to use.


  •  Will not harm aluminum, chrome, electrical systems, glass, paint, rubber & most surfaces when used according to directions.


  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative
  • Safer than conventional acids
  • Comes in concentrate to refill your spray bottles.


  • Reduce the amount of water and labor needed to remove soluble salts.
  • Reduce the potential need to repaint surfaces
  • Extend the life of your paint and/or protective coating



Vehicles • Racing Vehicles • Motorcycles • Power Toys • Watercraft • Buses • Trains • Trailers/Motorhomes • Plow Blades • Salt/Fertilizer Spreaders • Lawn/Snow Equipment • Outdoor Machinery & Tools